Monday, January 3, 2011


Living on her own struggling just to get some food Sintel discovers an injured baby dragon - Scales. As the days pass by Sintel and Scales bond. When on top of a building playing with Scales, much to Sintel's sadness, Scales is snatched by a fully grown dragon leaving Sintel in shock. Through her determination to get her best friend back she embarks on an epic journey. When she thinks all is lost she meets a hermit who gives her wise advice an she sets of once more to find her beloved companion. But once arriving she had not realized how much time had passed. Should she have gone?

I found that this movie being only fourteen minutes felt like a full movie. The plot - though dark - was amazing. The character's determination was nothing I had ever seen before. Sintel passed through scorching desserts and freezing ice lands just to rescue her dragon. But what was most impressing is how much depth was put into a movie created on the program Blender! It just goes to show you that as long as you put your heart into something you can make it happen. But I must warn people that this was the saddest movies I have ever seen. Overall, though , if you can fight back tears or can at least cry freely, please, be ready2see this movie!

(NOTE: Though I do strongly suggest that you support the creators - - if you are unable you can view the movie here:

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