Sunday, January 9, 2011


Nine-year-old Matty Fitzwalter is being raised as a proper lady, to dance and embroider. But after her mother is murdered, her father teaches her to read, write, play chess and trains her in the art of falconry. Before long, she is hunting for food with her hawks, just as her best friend Fynn is hunting for his family. When she finds out that Fynn and his friends are also helping other poor families eat, she is determined to help her neighbors survive, even if it means hunting on forbidden land. They adopt code names and build treehouses, and soon Fynn is called Robin and Matty is known as Maid Marian. As Matty’s knack for falconry grows she discovers the magical ability to talk to her birds, and when a plot to overthrow King Richard is revealed, it is Matty who hatches a plan to steal the jewels for his ransom. But, all goes awry when Matty is captured by an eerie abbess and tortured so she would reveal the location of the rubies...

I found that this book was excellent in the beginning I really got into the characters. It was interesting from the very start - of course at first it was a bit difficult to understand what was going on. But, I did manage to figure it out not to far into the prologue. Now into the middle of the book everything was coming along nicely and it was a real mystery now. I was aching to know what was going to happen. But, I'm at the ending part of the book and things are starting to get a little confusing.

So apparently now Matty is able to switch bodies with her birds. I truly do understand that this was a fiction book but inside the Matty's world this was impossible yet she wasn't even slightly curious as to how this was so. Of course that was anything wrong it was just odd.

I'd say that this book was exciting and fun with the most interesting ending yet. You should be Ready2Read this book!

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