Saturday, May 29, 2010

Wiki.answers or Wiki.stupid?

I've had nothing but bad experiences with Wiki.answer . com. First I received cyberbullying from one of the site's supervisors. I tried to ask what was wrong and he threatened to take my account away. He didn't even say for what! Again I tried to ask what was going on and he spiked my account! That's right, he suspended it! Do you know why he did all that? My religion! He doesn't like anybody's religion but his own as made clear by his messages to me. There is no need to get yourself rapped up0 in this nonsense. There's plenty of other sites where you can ask questions but never go to Wiki.answers . com! And on top of that, half of the answers are incorrect... 3/4 of it actually! Save yourself and NEVER be Ready2Read these answers.

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